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anime, books, computers, discworld, fan-fiction, fantasy novels, george r.r. martin, icons, music, neil gaiman, reading, slash, yaoi
This Is Me... ...And What I Like
Well, what do you want to know? I'm German, female, snarky, sarcastic, ironic, realistic, pessimistic, romantic, procrastinating perfectionist, tolerant of almost everything - completely intolerant when it comes to blatant and willful stupidity - fangirl, slash lover, and also shiny, sparkly and brilliant.
I'm not a genius, but not stupid either. Seems to me sometimes that I know a little bit about everything. I like designing my own websites and to explore the possibilities. I'm interested in photography, but somehow never get around to actually using my camera. I like playing around with Photoshop, but am not very good at icon making - I need a bigger canvas.

I swear and curse - a lot. Don't ask me where I got that from, since nobody else in my family does that. Just blame books and TV.

Can’t think of anything else right now though, except maybe this: I love you for your weirdness, you know that, right? As stated by the cookie monster, who’s perpetually sugar high so I’m not sure she really has any room to talk about weirdness. Heh.

"Sometimes, when life hands you lemons, you put a few in a vodka tonic."
NCIS | CSI | The Walking Dead

The Losers | The Boondock Saints I & II | Black Hawk Down | Cellular | Avengers | Iron Man

Bleach | Darker than BLACK | Ergo Proxy | Fullmetal Alchemist | Peacemaker Kurogane | Samurai Deeper Kyo | Yukikaze

AC/DC | Asian Kung-Fu Generation | Billy Idol | Gackt | Heroes del Silencio | Kane | Kenny Wayne Shepherd | Matthew Good | Steve Carlson | Whiskeytown | Wolfmother
...way too much to list it all up here, really. Aside from Rap, Hip Hop, House and one or two others I like almost all kinds of music. Mostly handmade stuff though.

Slash fanfiction. Meaning male/male. Also some het, but mostly slash. Just so that's clear. No RPS/RPF though.
The Dos And Don'ts Places To Go
Friending: My Journal is Friends Only, 100%, no exceptions.
If you want to friend me go here and leave me a comment.
I don't do auto-friends though, if I don't know who you are, how you found me, we don't have anything in common or have never actually talked before I won't friend you. Exchanging one or two comments doesn't constitute as talking in my book.

Simply adding me to your friend list does not mean that you get added back, instead it's more likely to just annoy me.

If you like my icons and other graphics please comment and credit me if you use them. All of my graphics are not to be modified, textless icons are not bases, and don't even think of hotlinking. If you need webspace for your graphics try Photobucket.



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